Inspection and certification

Inspection and certification

The inspection and certification of products that perform different agencies ensures that the product meets certain quality standards, procedures and standards required.
The certification gives a product or company recognition system that is meeting certain characteristic required standards or protocols. The certification usually include audits, inspections and analysis, thus involving the company in continuous improvement.

Certification services we offer are:

• Argentine Food Stamp "A Natural Choice" Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and PescaEl seal is a strategic component for the competitive development of Argentine food, and a differentiating factor for entry and retention in national and international markets.

• National Food Quality. SENASA (Res 280 | 01). The program is developed for products with attributes and / or characteristics that differentiate in the market.

• Beef exports to Chile | Chile SAG 19162 Transportation Act. This law sets the mandatory system of classification and grading of cattle for beef exports destined for Chile. The function is to certify: slaughterhouse of origin, type of livestock carcasses category, naming the cut of meat refrigeration, transportation of live cattle and beef.